AppLocker For Android - Lock Apps - Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

AppLocker For Android - Lock Apps - Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern. Protect your Privacy. The first App Lock with Fingerprint support. AppLock is an AppLocker (App Protector) that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint.

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AppLock can lock, Social Media apps, Messaging apps, Gallery, Contacts, Settings, and any app you want. Prevent unauthorized access and protect your privacy.

With AppLocker:
  1. Never worry about friends borrow your phone to use mobile data again!
  2. Never worry about a friend gets your phone to look at the gallery again!
  3. Never worry about a friend who reads private messages on your phone!
  4. Never worry about parents check your social media apps!
  5. Never worry about your kids change Settings, send random messages, paying with credit cards again!
Keep your privacy by locking apps like Social Media, Gallery, or anything you want.

• Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
• Themes with many color options.
• Lock system settings to prevent an unwanted change by kids.
• Prevent uninstalling apps.

Now lock your apps with fingerprint scanner support!

  • A must-have personal security app to secure your privacy.
  • Lock your apps with a "secure" but "easy to unlock" pattern.
  • Now with fingerprint support!
  • The lightest AppLock on Google Play Store which does not consume RAM, battery, and other system resources like others!
  • Secure your messaging and social apps and make your social life yours.
  • Hide your pictures by locking gallery and photo apps.
  • Keep your data secure from prying eyes.
  • Awesome Themes and Colors!
  • Material designed.
  • Works flawlessly even with the latest versions of Android!

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