This man earns up to Rs 60,000 per month in cryptos via his car; Check Full Details

This man earns up to Rs 60,000 per month in cryptos via his car; Check Full Details

New Delhi: It’s not every day that you make money with your stationary vehicle. However, this man has done so by mining cryptocurrency with his Tesla. Siraj Raval mines cryptocurrency with his 2018 Tesla Model 3. Mining cryptocurrency is a very energy-intensive operation that can significantly increase your electricity bills. Then how does he pull it off?

Raval has converted his automobile into a mining setup for some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, according to a CNBC article. Raval used his Tesla to generate cryptocurrency worth up to $800 (about Rs 60,000) per month, according to the study. He stated that he was able to achieve $800 during the pinnacle of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. He claims that his monthly earnings are in the range of $400 to $800.

The rig was powered by the car’s batteries, which Raval used. He also used the Tesla Model 3’s trunk to tie up some GPUs, which ultimately assisted in the calculations.

It should go without saying that doing all of this to your automobile voids the warranty. Raval, on the other hand, is unconcerned with this element. He claims that it is ‘worth it.’ Raval has experimented with combining several mining systems in his automobile. He came to the conclusion that the simplest method is to hack into the car’s computer and just configure the GPUs. Because a Tesla already has plenty of computing power to handle features like self-driving technology, it’s suitable enough to serve as the mining rig’s CPU. By breaking into the car’s computer, the powertrain can send additional power to the rig.

Raval claims that while he must pay for the electricity he consumes, recharging his car only costs about $10 (about Rs 750). While we can’t guarantee that this setup will continue to be profitable, simply adding an expensive automobile to the mix increases the risk exponentially. Whether the car is covered by a warranty or not, the battery’s wear and tear will reduce the vehicle’s range over time.

Source: Zee News


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